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#4 Learn to use this

This task has a tutorial.

First steps

Follow the tasks on the main page, they will guide you to create a user and log in whenever you need.

Creating tasks

After logging in you can create your own tasks, to do so click on the + sign to create a new task. Then fill in the fields, only the description is optional.

Markdown support

Yes, you can use markdown on the description field, we support a nice set of extensions, just some:

Tables like

Name Age
Bob 27
Alice 23

Can be entered by typing:

Name    | Age
Bob     | 27
Alice   | 23

stroked through text using tildes: ~~.

Updating tasks

There is a small link, edit task, below the date when you are seeing a task.

See https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/ to learn more.

Created by: blmayer