11 Aug 21 00:03


#1 Find this website

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Tasker is a very simple list web app that everyone can use. I designed it to be minimalistic, yes this weird looks is on purpose, and easy to use. But there are some interesting features already:

  • No javaScript
  • No cookies
  • Simple HTML with clean interface
  • Free for you
  • Tasks are encrypted by default
  • Delete your account and data at any time
  • No emails
  • No ads
  • I don’t use or sell your data
  • Completely open source

Pretty good, huh? I intend to keep working on it on my free time, but I can’t promise you too much. If this software ever get usefull for you please leave your feedback, or consider making a donation, that will be greatly appreciated.

Tasker is very light on resources, the main page is only 4.02Kb, and will look good on your cell phone as well with minimum data usage, it is build with simplicity on mind and will not install anything on your machine nor use the local storage.

To see the source code and the development progress please visit my GitHub page: Tasker, if you have any doubt, request or feedback you can send an email to me, this information can also be found on the footer of the main page.

Thank you!

Created by: blmayer